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We are currently based in Washington state, but we are eager to live on the road and travel more! In our four years of being together, we’ve traveled to over 12 National Parks, 5 different states and multiple Canadian territories, and have gone well over 10,000 miles together. We love exploring, finding new hidden gem locations, and crossing off National and State Parks.

Here is our 2021 travel schedule! We’ll be booking elopements while we’re in these locations, but we’re open to traveling! Feel free to reach out to us if you’re thinking about one of these locations or if you have a different location that you’re interested in!

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April - Olympic NP, Redwoods NP, Big Sur
May - Olympic NP, Hawaii 
June - Arizona, Utah 
July - Montana, Mount baker, MOunt Rainier NP
August - MOunt Rainier NP, Grand tetons np
September - Mount Rainier NP, The enchantments
October - Utah, Colorado
November - Utah, california, oregon
December - Washington 

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