Traveling Elopement Photo + Video Team
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Meet your destination elopement photographer + videographer team

Hey there! We're Hannah and Adam, your traveling elopement photographer + videographer team! We are currently based in Washington state, but we've been traveling together since we started dating in 2016. Some of our favorite locations have been Hawaii, Banff National Park, and the southern Utah desert. We've been to over 20 National Parks, 10 different states and multiple Canadian territories, and have gone well over 20,000 miles together.

While most of our work takes place in the beautiful states of Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, and Utah, we love exploring new locations! Something to know about us is that we always do our research. So, any time we're traveling to a new location, we do everything we can to explore it beforehand! Whether that's researching online, asking friends, or scouting out the location in person. 

Just know that we're ready for ANY adventure you have in mind, no matter where it is!

Your options are endless and we're here to help make your dream a reality!

We are currently based in Washington state, but we just finished renovating our home on wheels (EEK!). Below you'll find our 2022 travel schedule! We’ll be booking elopements while we’re in these locations, but we’re open to traveling. There are no travel fees for where we are currently located or the locations we travel to each month.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re thinking about one of these locations or if you have a different location that you’re interested in. We'd love to help you start planning your greatest adventure yet!

we're ready to travel to you!

January - Washington
February - Washington coast, Italy
march - Olympic Peninsula & north Carolina
April - Phoenix, AZ & olympic peninsula
may - Washington, Montana
June - mount rainier NP, Mount baker-Snoqualmie national forest
July - Mount Rainier NP, North Cascades NP
august - crater lake NP & Glacier NP & Tetons NP
September - Mount Rainier NP & olympic peninsula & Moab, UT 
October - Olympic peninsula
november - West coast & Phoenix, aZ 
December - Moab, UT

2022 Travel schedule

If you have a location in mind for your special day that you don't see on our travel list, inquire anyway! We might be able to add it to our schedule.